can guarantee that you will not find lower prices anywhere else


If you make a booking at a hotel within the abba chain and find lower prices elsewhere, abbaHotels will refund the difference.
Thus, you can be assured that the price we offer is the lowest and best on the Internet.


Terms and conditions:

  • The customer must hold a confirmed booking at one of the hotels within the abba Hotels chain
  • Claims made more than 24 hours after a booking has been confirmed by abba Hotels will be rejected
  • The customer must prove the lower price for the same type of room with the same occupancy, the same facilities and the same dates, and that the terms and conditions of the booking made are identical to those offered by abba Hotels
  • The guarantee will not apply to packages which include a range of tourist facilities, previous stays for which it is proven that payment has already been made and group prices
  • abba Hotels must be able to verify the authenticity and availability of the offer concerned


To apply for a claim, call us on 902153 163 or send an e-mail to